Traditions I love/hate in Indian weddings

Big Fat Indian Weddings: This is what a completely fun, rocking and happy Indian wedding should sound like!
I love attending weddings and love watching shows that take you through grand and unique weddings.

My love for Indian weddings has compelled me to take part in the Wedding Week Blogging Contest by 99labels.

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  • My big fat Indian wedding
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  • My dream wedding – Simple or lavish?
  • Traditions I love/hate in Indian weddings
  • My wedding shopping spree!

I’ve decided to blog about

  • Traditions I love/hate in Indian weddings

Indian Weddings are full of traditions and every cultural aspect is taken care of. Planning for an Indian wedding is a hectic job and I’ve experienced it three months back when my own big brother got married. Shopping is the main and probably one of the biggest tasks involved in an Indian wedding (only next to finding a perfect match 😉 )

I am a Muslim and weddings in Islam are simple, beautiful and lavish as well. Infact all Indian Weddings are rich with their own traditions and that’s why they are so much fun!


Every religion, has its own customs and every religion celebrates weddings with the same happiness and joy!In hindus, i love the tradition of the seven pheras, where in every phera, the bride and groom make solemn promises to make each other’s life beautiful and splendid.

I love the tradition of hiding the groom’s shoes and literally giving them a run for their money.

The tradition of stopping the groom at the entrance is also fun!

In Muslims, simple traditions beautify a wedding . The tradition of taking gifts to the bride is the one I  like the most! Its called sanchak and the bride is showered with lots of gifts and blessings.

Sanchak wedding trays from my brother's wedding album

Mehendi ceremony is common to all weddings and the mehendi function is full of fun and its a rejoicing moment for the bride. Mehendi/sanchak Functions are rejoiced with Yellow and green colored clothes and enjoyed with dhol, singing  and lots of dance!

Few more things that i love about Indian wedding traditions:

• I love the happiness seen on every relatives face. The joy with which they come to attend the wedding is beautiful
• Good yummy food!! : Food is the soul of every party, and guests will enjoy a wedding only if there’s lip smacking delicacies to savor on! Guests may forget everything about a wedding after few days, but they’ll always remember the taste of the food 😉
Outfits and traditional costumes: Everybody is dressed up glam and all the outfits make a wedding rich, traditional and glamorous.
Getting dressed: The reason why I love attending weddings is because I get to get all decked up with pretty dresses and stunning makeup 😀

• Get together: Weddings are like a big family gathering and it’s great to catch up and have fun with relatives.
• time stretch: Indian weddings are stretched over a number of days and all the functions like mehendi, sangeet make you have full fun and give you a content feeling of a grand celebration.

Indian wedding traditions have strong reasons behind them and they are fairly justified. I don’t really dislike any traditions  because following  traditions makes ones culture strong and keeps the culture  alive.

Few of my dislikes in Indian weddings:

• Pestering Guests: Guests are treated like God in India, but sometimes uninvited guests or far off relatives really start acting nosy and spoil the wedding fun.
• Guest Accommodation: guests have to be treated as kings at your place/ anywhere they are put up, no matter how busy you are with the wedding. The worst part is the negative remarks you end up getting for no fault of yours.
• Prolonged Photo sessions: yes it is a special day that has to be captured, but photographers who embark on endless photo session journey are very irritating.
• ‘You’re next’ comments: haha!! annoying comments by relatives who start planning your wedding out of nowhere is a blood boiler after you’ve had a good time at the wedding :p
• Disregard for guests: sometimes the hosts do not pay attention and do not care for you at a wedding function. They act snobbish and do not attend you properly and this is a complete turn off. I dislike such behavior at weddings.
• Dowry: how much ever we try to justify that this doesn’t exist, it exists everywhere, but maybe by a different name( read gift)

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