In love with cooking..Invisible Apron!

Aren’t you obsessed with something? Isn’t there something that’s always going on in your head and keeping you happy no matter how bad your everyday is ? What is it? Let me know, while I brag on about what’s my current obsession. Yes, the title says it. It’s cooking! I’m in love with it. And it’s like there’s always an invisible apron on me. ( and I never wear an apron while cooking btw :p) .

About 2 months back, I hated everyday-cooking. I’ve always loved baking though. Cakes, tea, pastries, snacks, puddings were my first stint with cooking and I absolutely love making them. But, everyday cooking was always on the hate list. Not anymore though.
Cooking is a good way to unwind and relax. ( I still can’t believe I’m saying this. It always gave me furious, violent meltdowns :p) But not any more :). It’s like, while I’m cooking, I know when the dish is ready, how much seasoning is required, what goes into it, etc, etc. It sounds funny, but it’s like the tea talks to me and tells me when it’s ready. Go ahead, LOL :p. It’s all about the feeling.
This morning I saw the movie Julie and Julia (2nd time) and aaaah! What a lovely movie :). That’s why this urge to write this post. Perhaps.
Everyday is a new attempt to try a new dish that I haven’t made before. Everyday is a content feeling when it turns out great. Everyday is not good, when a dish doesn’t turn out the way it was supposed to. That is how I know where I go wrong. Just like my mom says, you’ll never know how to cook a dish, until you actually try it out. 100% TRUE! TRIED and TESTED saying :p. She’s my master brain who knows why a dish turned out super great and why a dish went down the drain hehe.
So, cooking is a joy now. I no more run away from everyday-cooking.

The only problem I have is, I’m a big supporter of the saying- ‘ Too many cooks, spoil the broth’ . I hate it when my spoons are stirred by someone else. It just spoils the fun. Same thinking? If I’m making something, I’ll make it, ALL BY MYSELF! You can eat it, ENTIRELY, and I wouldn’t mind ;). I’m now on the road where it’s all about cooking and not over indulgent eating.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner is now easy-peasy :p New recipes, turn out good. I’ve also learnt that you must never, ever rush to finish a dish. It ruins everything. You either miss out on something, or skip a step or just mess up the process. So never rush.
Enough said, I’m content with what I’m obsessed with, currently. I usually tag my new try outs, ( I compare 3-4 recipes from the web, before I finalize on one) with #firsttimetry on twitter and my lovely twitter buddies always give back their response 🙂 That’s another reason, why I’m loving cooking.

The reason why, you should be obsessed with what you love, is because it gives you complete joy, contentment in the moment and if you want, your life can be a collage of simple pleasures 🙂

Food bloggers all over the world are doing a fantastic job. Thank you guys! 🙂

Until next time, signing off to marinate chicken for dinner :p , happy content life!