Understand self and others

Yes we are humans. We’re living a life. Life has certain expectations from us and we live our life pertaining various values, principles, dos and donts, clings and clangs and millions of scattering thoughts! All of the above are hugely, I mean hugeeely affected by and varied for hundreds of other…. People!
Every Life is always in sync with many other lives. At every walk of life, you find yourself altering yourself to sync with that someone! Sometimes it works with certain people and sometimes it doesn’t. Then what do you do? You move on! But sometimes, you’re attached to that certain someone in such a way that you just have to deal with the unsynced relation all your life!

If one gets settled with life in a very early age by developing a personality and deciding what and how they want out of life, they’d live a good life.

It’s never too late.
Understand yourself before you set out to understand someone else!

Life is a big journey. You’ll meet lots of personalities. Get to know them. Get the good from them and incorporate the goodness in your life.

Relations are the toughest to build! But once the relation is strong, it’s bound to stay with you for the rest of your life! 🙂


Crop your cribbing list

I say I don’t like charging my phone.
Who loves charging their phone? I guess nobody! So off goes that crib! Life is full of small things we Iove to crib about! Cribbing and cringing is a damn good way to spoil your mood.

What do you crib about the most? Is every spoilt day of your life dedicated to a new, unique crib?

Make a list of all the cribbing and cringing you do! Reason them out. Strike off all the ones you think that everyone deals with, and those that are worthless to cringe about. Either do this mentally or write it down in a book.

You’ll be relieved of lots of tension because the next time you crib about that particular thing, you might just remember the list and maybe you had cancelled that crib out.
Try it.
I just came up with this idea randomly :).
So go ahead, do up your crib list and uncheck and edit your cribs. Maybe there wasn’t much to crib at after all 😉

Until next time, have a beautiful day everyday by filling it with happy thoughts :). You are what your thoughts are.

Q&A U&Me

I love getting to know people, their story, their experiences and then I try to imbibe all their goodness in my life. So let’s get to know and discover each other 🙂

5 questions and 5 answers

Q1) Every morning, what are you grateful for?

Q2) Are you a gyaan taker or a gyaan giver? :p

Q3) What do you most miss about school?

Q4) How did college change you?

Q5) Which one person in your life, do you have the best of the conversations with?

Post your answers as a comment 🙂

Until next post, take care of your precious life 😀 .