Hello all, to the cling n clang of life!

I’ve finally made my new blog. I really wanted to keep a different space for all my poems, that’s the reason I only write poems at http://ayesha-s.blogspot.com (good promotion eh? ūüėČ )
Cling n clang: I don’t really know what these words sort of stand for, but for me they sort of describe life and the world. They stand for noises, colors, celebrations, voices, clutter, clean and tidy, dump, etc etc.
Maybe cling and clang stands for all the voices in our head. Actually yes! Maybe :p
So that’s the reason I chose that name! ( originally wanted ‘allthat’ , ‘thisnthat’ and other names but sadly they were all taken grrr)

I also like these cool lyrics I came across on google:
from stop the dam song:
make the natural flow
It sort of freaks me out
We need to unplug the dams
You cannot stop the natural flow of thought
With a cling and a clang

So what’s this blog anyways going to be about?
Well.. Maybe everyday historical moments, worth noticing things, some bollywood gup shup perhaps, lots of fashion talk, and most importantly cosmetics gyaan . I’m an absolute makeup junky and I love trying out new eye makeup styles. I like trying new recipes too. Maybe I’ll write about that as well. Sandals, clutches, jewelry, make me go week in my knees =)
I’m sooo looking forward to fill the blog ūüėÄ

Welcome to cling n clang of life people!